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Livingston Pond E Storm Park

MAGNA Engineering Services Inc.

MAGNA Engineering Services Inc. (MAGNA) is a civil engineering consulting firm committed to pioneering innovative wastewater and stormwater infrastructure design solutions for communities across Canada. Offering a comprehensive suite of services related to water management, community engagement, GIS mapping, and more, MAGNA delivers custom nature-based solutions that prioritize environmental resilience and community well-being.

One of MAGNA’s notable projects is the Livingston Pond E Storm Park, a pioneering ...


WildEdmonton, a collaborative initiative between the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta Edmonton Urban Coyote Project (EUCP), aims to monitor wildlife presence and abundance in Edmonton’s open space network. Since its inception in 2018, the project has worked towards informing sustainable city design by integrating wildlife needs into land use decision-making processes.

The project’s mission is to monitor wildlife use across the city using wildlife cameras, ...

Cenovus Caribou Habitat Restoration Project


The Cenovus Caribou Habitat Restoration project has undertaken a significant endeavour to address the environmental challenges posed by development activities in the Boreal Forest of northern Alberta. This initiative aims to restore legacy seismic disturbances, which contribute to forest fragmentation, habitat degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions, particularly impacting caribou populations in the region. By utilizing techniques such as soil mounding and tree planting, the project seeks to return forest cover ...

Alana Tollenaar: Backyard Birds Nature Shop

Driven by her remarkable passion for the environment and community, Alana Tollenaar, at the age of 21, opened Backyard Birds Nature Shop in 2021. Her shop aims to foster a deep connection between people and nature through high-quality bird-feeding products, nature-inspired gifts, and community-based activities. Founded with the vision of creating a vibrant community where individuals of all backgrounds can explore, learn, and appreciate the beauty of nature, the shop ...

Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse

The Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse stands as a beacon of sustainable education and community engagement. This unique project, nestled in Strathmore and Wheatland County, embodies a forward-thinking approach to environmental stewardship, education, and community development.

At its core, the greenhouse serves as a free community space fostering mentorship between high school students and diverse community groups. It offers tours, workshops, and practical lessons on sustainable practices, ...

The RenuWell Project

Municipal District of Taber, Irrigation Canal Power Co-operative Ltd., Iron & Earth, Medicine Hat College, SkyFire Energy Inc., and Canadian Solar

The RenuWell Project, a collaborative initiative involving six organizations, aims to repurpose inactive oil & gas sites for small-scale solar photovoltaic installations. The project’s mission is to prove the feasibility, scalability, and transferability of this concept while considering various stakeholders’ interests.

Key objectives of the pilot include increasing distributed solar generation, conserving land for agriculture, accelerating oilfield reclamation, supporting local employment and economic diversification, and generating revenue for ...

The Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association

The Sustainable Structures and Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry towards a zero-carbon built environment. With a mission to accelerate the adoption of innovative low-carbon solutions for buildings, SSRIA provides support and growth opportunities for companies within Alberta’s AEC sector.

Through demonstration project funding, business growth services, and expertise in low-carbon building technologies, SSRIA fosters interdisciplinary ...

Melcom Homes’ Echo Haven project

Melcom Homes

Melcom Homes’ Echo Haven project is leading the charge toward sustainable living within Alberta’s major cities including Calgary and surrounding areas. Through innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, this project aims to redefine modern living by seamlessly integrating eco-consciousness with comfort and functionality.

Echo Haven, dubbed Calgary’s eco-community, strikes a balance between urban convenience and natural living. With energy-efficient homes and green spaces, it preserves 60% of its land ...

Ledcor Highway Maintenance Yard Upgrades

Ledcor Highway Maintenance Limited

Ledcor’s Highway Maintenance team provides services on long-term contracts covering 6700 kilometres of Provincial Highways in Alberta and is responsible for year-round, winter, and seasonal maintenance.

One of the most notable aspects of Ledcor’s approach is its proactive stance on environmental protection. Through meticulous planning and investment in yard upgrades, they have implemented innovative measures to mitigate the risk of salt contamination, a significant concern in highway maintenance ...

Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program

University of Alberta

The Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program, led by Professors Scott Chang, Edward Bork, and Cam Carlyle from the University of Alberta, is dedicated to advancing sustainable land management practices in Alberta’s agriculture sector to combat climate change and promote agricultural sustainability. Their mission is to develop and test best management practices that enhance soil fertility, improve land management, and mitigate climate change impacts. Through extensive research and extension spanning ...