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Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solutions, based in Calgary, is dedicated to addressing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry, particularly in North America. Their mission is to eradicate the need for methane venting at remote well sites through the innovative use of liquid nitrogen technology. With a vision to significantly reduce methane emissions in North America’s oil and gas sector, Kathairos aims to lead the industry toward more sustainable practices. Their primary ...

Circular Rubber Technologies: Becoming the First Devulcanization Facility for End-of-Life Mining Tires in the World

Circular Rubber Technologies

Circular Rubber’s mission is to positively impact the world by converting rubber waste into value, again and again, to be used in new high-performance rubber products. Rooted in sustainability, their vision aims for the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber, striving towards a circular future where rubber is continuously repurposed, contributing to a regenerative environment.

Circular Rubber offers services in devulcanizing end-of-life industrial tires, creating a devulcanized rubber ...

Sustainable Projects Group

Sustainable Projects Group (SPG) is a leading design-build energy efficiency company committed to revolutionizing the built environment by providing actionable sustainability solutions. Their mission is to empower building owners with data-driven strategies to achieve sustainability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. SPG operates with a holistic approach, aiming to reduce energy consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and lower operating costs through various services tailored to diverse clientele.

At the heart ...

The City of Calgary Riparian Monitoring Program

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s Riparian Monitoring Program (RMP) embodies a steadfast commitment to the conservation and enhancement of riparian areas along water bodies. Initiated in response to key actions in The City’s Riparian Action Program, the RMP endeavours to translate strategy into action, fostering flood and drought resilience, water quality protection, and biodiversity preservation. The RMP assesses riparian health, striving to elevate the city-wide average riparian score from a baseline ...

Backroads Reclamation

Built from a passion for reusing wood and sharing its story, Backroads Reclamation is turning Old Canadian Wood into new wood products to last another lifetime, saving as much lumber as possible while keeping it from the landfill or bonfire.

Backroads Reclamation’s journey began in August of 2020 when founder, owner, and CEO, Jay Sanderson dismantled his first rural building after learning the intended fate of an obsolete ...

Goodwill Industries of Alberta’s Repair for Good Program

Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is dedicated to fostering sustainability while advancing its core mission of providing employment and job training services to individuals with disabilities or barriers.

Through initiatives like their Repair for Good program, Goodwill serves Albertans with disabilities in Edmonton and Calgary, providing employment and volunteer opportunities while championing sustainability. Repair for Good upcycles and refurbishes donated furniture, diverting over 25,000 kg from landfills since ...

Violet Grove’s Constructed Floating Wetlands System with Aeration

Brazeau County

The Constructed Floating Wetlands system (CFWs) in Violet Grove, Alberta, aims to revolutionize wastewater treatment in colder climates. With a vision to enhance effluent quality and promote environmental sustainability, this initiative introduces innovative natural treatment processes, leveraging the efficacy of wetlands even in cold climate settings.

Serving the Hamlet of Violet Grove in Brazeau County, the project addresses the need for environmentally friendly wastewater treatment solutions in ...

City of Calgary’s Drought Resilience Plan

City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s Drought Resilience Plan (DRP) aims to prepare the city, its residents, and businesses for the challenges posed by drought, which stands as one of Calgary’s primary climate hazards. The plan’s overarching mission is to foster a future where Calgary’s people, ecosystems, and businesses can not only withstand and recover from drought but also adapt to the increasingly dry conditions expected in the region.

Guided ...