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Microgreens Club – A Zero Waste Initiative

Micro YYC

Micro YYC is an urban indoor microgreens farm that provides microgreens to local markets, grocers, and restaurants. Their latest initiative: The Microgreens Club, is an entirely zero-waste service that delivers microgreens directly to customers in reusable containers. Containers are returned each week, sanitized, and reused indefinitely.

In the world of packaging, a reuse model – as a part of a circular economy – is the only model ...

Blenderz Garment Recyclers Inc

Blenderz Garment Recyclers reclaims and recycles textiles that are deemed unsellable by thrift stores, charities, the general public, and businesses. Blenderz uses a zero-waste, no landfill approach through a mixture of solutions that keep these textiles from the traditionally linear supply chain stream and recycles them in a closed-loop system.

In nine months Blenderz has reclaimed and upcycled, 81.35 tons of textile waste from the local export ...

Alternative Root Compost

AltRoot is an Alberta-based waste management company that specializes in the handling of organic waste streams from municipal sources to produce organic compost and nutrient-dense soil. Their facility north of Edmonton is licensed to receive 20,000 tonnes of organic waste each year from surrounding towns and rural municipalities. They use covered aerated static pile (CASP) techniques and technologies that provide rapid biodegradation. CASP effectively provides the required environmental controls ...

Fundraiser Sales

Cleanit Greenit Composting Systems Inc.

Since 2001 Cleanit Greenit Composting Systems Inc. (Cleanit Greenit) has organized an annual Compost Sale Fundraiser Event in Edmonton and surrounding areas for non-profit groups.  Cleanit Greenit provides a unique opportunity for schools, community leagues and other non-profit organizations to raise funds while supporting the environment.

The program is designed as a simple and efficient fundraising program.  Cleanit Greenit provides participating groups with all the supplies needed ...

Styro-Go Foam Recycling

Styro-Go Canada Inc.

Styro-Go recycles polystyrene onsite for clients. There is virtually no other option for polystyrene recycling in Alberta for both residential and Industrial/Commercial producers. Styro-Go processes polystyrene waste- a generally single-use, hard to recycle plastic from residential sources as well as furniture & appliance, technology, pharmaceutical, and even forestry companies across Alberta. Styro-Go’s efforts are reducing waste and extending the life of landfills across Alberta.


Change.Toothpaste Inc.

Change Toothpaste offers pre-packaged toothpaste tablets without the need for plastic packaging. We chose compostable packages to eliminate any traces of our product left in the environment after consumption. We also have retail stores selling Change Tablets, including locations that offer refill solutions to eliminate packaging.

As of October 31, 2019, we have over 5000 customers that have purchased more than 8300 months of toothpaste. The average ...