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Environmental Achievements of the City of St. Albert

City of St. Albert

The City of St. Albert has been committed to reducing the community’s carbon footprint, becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change, and becoming a more sustainable city. The City of St. Albert has been accomplishing this in the following ways:

The Clean Energy Improvement Program has committed $5,017,400 in funding for residents to more easily fund energy efficiency retrofits and sustainable energy installations for their homes. ...

Violet Grove’s Constructed Floating Wetlands System with Aeration

Brazeau County

The Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFW) system uses natural wetland plants and oxygen provided by a solar powered aeration system to treat domestic wastewater. As the treated wastewater is inevitably discharged into the nearby creak, this system substantially improves the wastewater quality which proceeds to make the receiving stream safer for use by humans as well as animals. The Solar System attached to this lagoon provides power to the aeration ...

Nose Creek Watershed Partnership – Celebrating 25-Years of Watershed Planning, Policy and Action

Nose Creek Watershed Partnership

The Nose Creek Watershed Partnership (NWCP) was formed in 1998 to protect riparian areas and manage streamflows in the Nose Creek watershed to mitigate the impacts of flood and drought and improve water quality for water users and aquatic life.

The NCWP has positively impacted the environment and continues to build resiliency through watershed-scale collaboration, planning, policy and action. The NCWP increased understanding of streamflow, instream flow ...

25 Years of Environmental Achievements at the M.D. of Ranchland No. 66

The Municipal District of Ranchland No. 66 prides itself as one of the most environmentally conscious municipalities in Alberta. Nestled away in the foothills and Rocky Mountains, the M.D. is home to countless watersheds, rangelands, forests, and wildlife, and has made it a top priority to take care of them.

For 25 years, Ranchland has consistently implemented creative solutions to environmental issues. The M.D. has gone ...

Fish in Schools (FinS)

Bow Habitat Station, Government of Alberta

FinS is a provincial fisheries management education program coordinated by Bow Habitat Station (BHS) that provides schools across Alberta unique and hands-on opportunities to raise rainbow trout in their classrooms. Since its inception in 1998, the program has engaged close to 45,000 students in over 30 communities across the province – from Hines Creek in the north to Pincher Creek in the south.

This sought-after program directly ...