Violet Grove’s Constructed Floating Wetlands System with Aeration

By: Brazeau County

The Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFW) system uses natural wetland plants and oxygen provided by a solar powered aeration system to treat domestic wastewater. As the treated wastewater is inevitably discharged into the nearby creak, this system substantially improves the wastewater quality which proceeds to make the receiving stream safer for use by humans as well as animals. The Solar System attached to this lagoon provides power to the aeration system used for treatment and the nearby solid waste transfer station for residential waste. Excess power not used by these two locations is directed to the power grid assisting with the green energy generation for Alberta. The CFW and Solar systems are placed at the Violet Grove wastewater lagoon that collects domestic wastewater from the residential units of the Hamlet of Violet Grove, Brazeau County, Alberta.