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Edmonton’s Change Homes for Climate Solar Rebate Program

City of Edmonton

Launched on July 29, 2019, the Change Homes for Climate Residential Solar Program is a rebate program which lowers the cost of solar panel installations for Edmonton homeowners. As of January 2021, the program catalyzed the installation of more than 240 rooftop systems totaling over 1.8 MW of solar capacity, bringing Edmonton’s total installed solar capacity to 18.8 MW.

The program helps ensure a smooth and convenient participation ...

Charting the Path to a Sustainable Future: Fort Chipewyan Off-grid Solar Farm & Storage


Fort Chipewyan (Fort Chip), a remote community of 1,000 people, has traditionally relied on diesel generation for its electricity, due to not being connected to the main Alberta power grid. Every year, diesel is transported by trucks on winter roads that are only open for a six-week period. The community was outgrowing the existing diesel tank supply and a sustainable solution was needed. Rather than add more diesel tank storage, ...

Virtuoso Energy

To date, Virtuoso Energy has completed over 500+ renewable energy projects in solar energy, EV charging, and energy efficiency solutions. They are proud to share that all our projects were done with no accidents to date and were always operated with the consideration of our clients, our workers, and the environment. 

In 2020, they won the Consumer Choice Award for the category of solar energy systems. As a ...