Calgary’s Residential Solar Calculator, a new tool demonstrating the value of solar energy in Alberta

By: City of Calgary

The residential solar calculator is an in-house solution to help drive solar PV adoption in Calgary. With a vision to provide the most up-to-date information to Calgary residents, The Calculator is purpose-built for Calgary and uses local data to provide the most accurate estimate of the value of solar for residents. The data is also unique to each individual home, considering roof area, shape, slope as well as present obstructions and shading from nearby trees or buildings – this service has never been available to Calgarians before without contacting a solar service provider.

The Residential Solar Calculator was designed and produced in-house by The City of Calgary, demonstrating their commitment to lead in this field and to provide value and subject matter expertise to our residents. They are actively working with other municipalities across Canada at no cost to assist them in developing their own tools and the data for Calgary has also been made available on open data for interested parties to download and use as they wish.

In a world of soaring energy prices solar PV represents one of the best avenues for Calgarians to achieve financial and energy security while reducing GHG emissions. The Residential Solar Calculator is the first step to The City of Calgary achieving its goal of having 60% of residential electricity demand served by solar energy production by the year 2050.