Promoting Environmental Sustainablity Through the Crepe and Shake Cafe

By: Crepe and Shake Cafe Ltd

-1209398140_20170716_121633_2624197_resizedIn August of 1932, four nuns from the French Roman Catholic congregation “Les Filles de Jesus” (Daughters of Jesus) arrived in Beaumont, Alberta. In 1939, a new convent was built. When the nuns were not serving the Community they would spend their time maintaining their one-acre property: growing fruit and vegetables and looking after fruit trees which are still here today. Although the Religious Sisters of “Les Filles de Jesus” no longer resides here, we continue to celebrate their contributions and their historical relevance to the community of Beaumont. Since 2011 we have been using this historical house as a place to welcome everyone to our small town crêpery! The Crêpe & Shake Cafe is dedicated to retaining the small town feel of Beaumont through experiencing the marvelous property. We have continued to grow fresh fruit and vegetables onsite which are used for all our crêpes. The Crêpe & Shake leads environmental and sustainable practices, we provide a small town feel and utilize fresh and organic ingredients which are constantly picked from our backyard. We take pride in our family and dog friendly and barrier free outdoor eating, and we have attracted birds and pollinators (e.g.bees) to enhance the experience.