Change.Toothpaste Inc.

Change Toothpaste offers pre-packaged toothpaste tablets without the need for plastic packaging. We chose compostable packages to eliminate any traces of our product left in the environment after consumption. We also have retail stores selling Change Tablets, including locations that offer refill solutions to eliminate packaging.

As of October 31, 2019, we have over 5000 customers that have purchased more than 8300 months of toothpaste. The average smaller conventional tube (170g) lasts two months, and we’ve saved over 4100 tubes from the landfill so far. We have also donated over 1500 toothbrushes to homeless shelters and people in need. We have supported charities such as The Hope Mission, The Compassion House, and several small organizations in Alberta.

We believe in giving back to our communities as much as we can. With the support of our customers, vendors and families, Change Toothpaste will continue to grow and give back where we can to educate and promote sustainability.

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