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Environmental Achievements of the City of St. Albert

City of St. Albert

The City of St. Albert has been committed to reducing the community’s carbon footprint, becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change, and becoming a more sustainable city. The City of St. Albert has been accomplishing this in the following ways:

The Clean Energy Improvement Program has committed $5,017,400 in funding for residents to more easily fund energy efficiency retrofits and sustainable energy installations for their homes. ...

First Canadian Municipal Long Range Electric Buses

City of St. Albert

St. Albert Electric Buses

In 2017, St. Albert became the first municipality in Canada to own a fleet of long-range electric buses.

Mayor Cathy Heron, who served as a councillor from 2009 until being elected mayor in 2017, says the move fits in with residents’ concerns for the environment.

“They would have pushed us if we hadn’t gone down this road,” she says.

The city ...

Riel Park Redevelopment Project

City of St. Albert

Riel Park October 2013 2 copyA 10-year project to reclaim and revitalize marginal municipal land—the largest project of its kind in St. Albert’s history—has become an opportunity to enhance a former landfill with sports and recreational facilities, protect the Sturgeon River and to put the City’s natural environment pillar of sustainability into action.

Riel Park went from a sewage lagoon cell in the 1950s, to a dry landfill (1970s) to development of ...