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A Very Visual Field Guide for Wetland Classification in Alberta

Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide provides wetland information clearly and logically, for users to navigate while assessing a wetland in the field. The introductory content of the guide exposes users to wetland functions, values, and classification concepts like the five main wetland classes in Alberta (bog, fen, swamp, marsh, shallow open water). The guide then walks users through wetland classification with:

1. 24 detailed fact ...

Highfield Regenerative Farm

Highfield Farm is located on 15-acres in the heart of an industrial community in the city of Calgary. In partnership with the Compost Council of Canada and the City of Calgary, they are transforming this vacant property into a vibrant and productive urban farm through soil revitalization, food production and community programming. The Highfield Farm urban agriculture project produces locally-grown food, raises general awareness of urban agriculture, generates entrepreneurial ...

West Ritchie Community Gardens

West Ritchie Community Gardens (WRCG) is a youth-led project to transform neglected land in Ritchie into a vibrant community space. This garden has created a community gathering space, with picnic tables, community art, and native edible landscaping. The WRCG also has garden boxes, water barrels, and composters to support local growing and better organics management. In addition to this, they also host events in the space, such as ...

Impact of long-term behavioral studies on the management and conservation of ungulates

Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl at the University of Calgary

Dr. Ruckstuhl is particularly interested in what drives gregariousness, the social organization within groups, affinities and associations between group members, cost and benefits of group living, such as competition for food and mates, parasite and disease transmission, and cooperation, to name but a few aspects. She mainly studies different ungulate species in the field, mostly bighorn sheep and elk (or red deer). Current topics under investigation include among others: ...

Living with Wildlife

Dr. Shelley Alexander at the University of Calgary

Living with Wildlife is an initiative on the University of Calgary (UCalgary) campus that includes an active human-coyote co-existence program, combined with a public education and outreach website. The aim is the non-lethal prevention of conflict.

Education outreach is derived from ecological and community-based research conducted in Dr. Alexander’s Canid Conservation Science Lab (@canid_lab), infused with 30 years of personal experience in wolf and coyote ecology, conservation ...

Idling Reduction Initiative

The City of Calgary

In November 2019, idling reduction targets for The City’s fleet were set by Calgary City Council, and Fleet Services was tasked with leading and coordinating the Idling Reduction Initiative. The City took several fundamental steps to reduce unnecessary idling including the following highlights:

– retrofitting fleet vehicles with technology to eliminate idling;

– supporting green driver training and safety initiatives;

– developing creative ...

Fish in Schools (FinS)

Bow Habitat Station, Government of Alberta

FinS is a provincial fisheries management education program coordinated by Bow Habitat Station (BHS) that provides schools across Alberta unique and hands-on opportunities to raise rainbow trout in their classrooms. Since its inception in 1998, the program has engaged close to 45,000 students in over 30 communities across the province – from Hines Creek in the north to Pincher Creek in the south.

This sought-after program directly ...

SunnyCider: UpCycling Organic Waste

SunnyCider utilizes wasted fruit and upcycles them into consumable beverages of cider, spirits, and vinegars. They work with a network of donors that collect and deliver the fruit which they convert primarily into apple cider.

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Society of Grasslands Naturalists: Three Decades of Conservation

The Society of Grasslands Naturalists (GN) is a registered non-profit charitable organization with the following objectives: – encourage study, appreciation, and protection of the natural world; – encourage the preservation of natural features, habitat and species; – assist in the collection of observational records of species for research, education, and policy development; – provide opportunities for responsible stewardship of the natural environment in the Medicine Hat area.