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Dory’s Enviro Work

Dory Rossiter

For more than 20 years, Dory has created and organized events and campaigns to help bring awareness and positive change to many environmental issues. In response to manufacturers using excessive amounts of packaging when marketing products, she organized a national letter-writing campaign generating more than 145,000 letters. She wanted to clean up areas that were polluted with garbage, so she organized and participated in more than 30 area clean-ups. Dory ...

University of Calgary, Biogeoscience Institute Experiential Education Programs

Michael J. Mappin

Since 1988, Mike has worked at the University of Calgary’s Kananaskis Field Station (now called Biogeoscience Institute BGS) where he has pioneered the development, implementation and evaluation of field-based education programs to enhance ecological understanding for students, teachers and educators, policy makers and the general public. Mike has worked tirelessly to create programs for students and teachers ranging from day trips to week long residential field trips. He has taken ...

Bike to Work Day

Lonny Balbi, Q.C.

Lonny Balbi, Q.C., is an avid cyclist, noted humanitarian and environmental sustainability advocate. It was these three passions that led him to create Calgary’s most recognizable cycling-themed environmental support event – Bike to Work Day. As the founder and inspirational leader of this annual event, Lonny Balbi devotes countless hours of his own time, as well as the resources of Balbi & Company Legal Centre, the law practice he founded ...

A Career Dedicated to Wildlife Conservation

Bob Peel

How many people can say they have saved a species??  Bob Peel’s whole-hearted commitment to wildlife conservation is evident in his 41-year career with the Calgary Zoo and is most visible through his continuing work at the zoo’s Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre where dedicated to the captive breeding of endangered species for reintroduction to the wild.

Barry Kolenosky

Mr. Kolenosky has shown an outstanding level of commitment to the environment in his position with Lac La Biche County, going above and beyond business as usual and blazing new trails in water management.