Bike to Work Day

By: Lonny Balbi, Q.C.

Lonny Balbi, Q.C., is an avid cyclist, noted humanitarian and environmental sustainability advocate. It was these three passions that led him to create Calgary’s most recognizable cycling-themed environmental support event – Bike to Work Day. As the founder and inspirational leader of this annual event, Lonny Balbi devotes countless hours of his own time, as well as the resources of Balbi & Company Legal Centre, the law practice he founded in 1988. Lonny’s vision is to motivate and encourage Calgarians to abandon their cars (at least temporarily) for their commutes to and from their places of employment in favour of cycling, in order to reduce Calgary’s carbon footprint and improve the air. In 2012, Bike to Work Day will celebrate its sixth anniversary. It is partnered with and supported by The City of Calgary and the non-profit Parks Foundation Calgary.