Dory’s Enviro Work

By: Dory Rossiter

For more than 20 years, Dory has created and organized events and campaigns to help bring awareness and positive change to many environmental issues. In response to manufacturers using excessive amounts of packaging when marketing products, she organized a national letter-writing campaign generating more than 145,000 letters. She wanted to clean up areas that were polluted with garbage, so she organized and participated in more than 30 area clean-ups. Dory wanted students to appreciate the environment, so she talks to about 20 classes each year. She wanted to make sure old clothing was not ending up in landfills, and as of 2011, more than 21,000 pieces of clothing have been repaired and given to the homeless and those in need. She has given up vacation time and countless weekends to work on what she believes is important and her efforts have helped make our world a better place for future generations.