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Walking the Green Walk

Brookwood School

Brookwood School, located in Spruce Grove, lives Earth Day every day! Over the last five years they have begun and sustained a multitude of initiatives to reduce their daily contributions to the local landfill. Their activities have become so entrenched in the culture of their school that their “3R” programs are now a matter of course. Five years ago, their school disposed of 15 very large garbage bags each and ...

Green School and Kids in the Garden

Emma Gilberston, Deb Greiner, Antonella Bell

Let children get dirty? Run through a meadow? Hold leaches? Snowshoe at -20 degrees? Follow moose tracks through the forest? Yes to all and much more. The 100,000 children who have participated in Devonian Botanic Garden’s Green School and Kids in the Garden programs immerse themselves into the outdoors with either daily or week-long nature experiences called “slow education”. These formative nature experiences, once commonplace for rural kids, are now ...

EcoVision Projects

Lacombe Composite High School

Lacombe Composite High School’s Eco Vision Club focuses on empowering students to become ecological leaders through projects that benefit their environment, enhance their education and encourage community collaboration.  All of their projects have increased awareness of environmental issues, changing school and community culture.