Walking the Green Walk

By: Brookwood School

Brookwood School, located in Spruce Grove, lives Earth Day every day! Over the last five years they have begun and sustained a multitude of initiatives to reduce their daily contributions to the local landfill. Their activities have become so entrenched in the culture of their school that their “3R” programs are now a matter of course. Five years ago, their school disposed of 15 very large garbage bags each and every day. Now, through their many programs: recycling of juice boxes, paper and cardboard and garbage-less lunches, they have reduced their daily garbage collection to a maximum of three bags per day! The entire school community of staff, students and parents, which numbers more than 600 people, works daily to ensure they continue their commitment to decrease their ecological footprint now and in the future. Brookwood School truly does its best to tread lightly on the earth.