Tips for Writing a Great Emerald Award Nomination

Are you thinking of starting your Emerald Award nomination and really want to make a splash? Check out our top tips for writing a great nomination!

  1. Keep it clear and concise – We know you could probably write a novel on your project (and we would love to read it!) but, most questions on the nominations form have a word count. By keeping things clear and concise you’re able to show the judges the information that matters most to your nomination. Pro tip: you can use bullet points!
  2. Present your project/organization as if you’re explaining it to someone unfamiliar with your work – While you’re intimately familiar with the details, keep in mind that our judges may not share the same background knowledge. Avoid excessive acronyms and assumptions, ensuring that your story is easily comprehensible to a broader audience.
  3. Highlight Innovation and Uniqueness – Emphasize what sets your project or organization apart. Showcase any innovative approaches, technologies, or methodologies you’ve employed that contribute to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  4. Show Continuous Improvement – Demonstrate how your project has evolved over time. Discuss any lessons learned, adjustments made, or ongoing efforts for improvement. This not only reflects commitment but also showcases adaptability and a proactive approach.
  5. Provide both qualitative and quantitative data – Including both types of data will allow our judges to see the full impact that your project has had on the environment and your community!
  6. Use the supporting materials option to show us the impact of your work – You can include pictures, videos, pdfs, and much more to help give our judges a deeper look into your work.
  7.  Proofread your nomination before you click submit – Try reading it out loud or sharing it with someone who knows your work so they can give their input.

Get started on your nomination