Conserving Alberta’s Most Fragmented Ecoregion

By: Edmonton and Area Land Trust


The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) celebrated its 10th Anniversary of conserving, stewarding and enhancing the region’s natural areas for citizens to value and enjoy. This effort is long term, taking years to conserve just one parcel; but years of hard work and significant commitment to the environment is evident in the 12 natural areas now conserved, in this the most fragmented and densely populated ecoregion in Alberta.

EALT has gone above and beyond by encouraging citizens to get involved in conservation: Recruiting hundreds of volunteers to help with stewardship Educating citizens on how to reduce hazardous habitats on their land; improve habitat for pollinators Partnering with over 120 youth, educational, business and community organisations to learn, plan and implement conservation Developing Indigenous Connections, involving Indigenous students in a Cree naming project of EALT land, and sign construction in their shop. EALT has raised the bar by: Engaging citizens via workshops and over 50 educational resources for adults and children, including the first Guide to Species at Risk in Alberta, and a SARs Children’s Activity Book, all of which are freely downloadable Engaging youth through: a Youth Advisory Committee; Kids website; Children’s Discovery backpacks; Kids Bee Hotel Workshops