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Vermilion River Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Project

Vermilion River Watershed Alliance

In the spirit of shared environmental goals and collaboration, the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA) worked with local, agricultural landowners, municipalities, and students to enhance and restore over 20 kilometres of riparian areas along the Vermilion River, creeks, and tributaries and 157 hectares of wetlands within the Vermilion River Watershed. In partnership with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, and through grant funding from the Alberta Government and Environment and ...

Melvin Mathison

Lakeland College

Melvin Mathison joined Lakeland College in 1989 as an instructor in agriculture and environmental sciences. In 2005, he became the Dean of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, which allowed him to develop his passion for enhancing the learning opportunities available at Lakeland College in the areas of agriculture and environmental sciences. Over the course of his ten years of leadership, Lakeland developed many new programs, built several new buildings, and established ...