Melvin Mathison

By: Lakeland College

Melvin Mathison joined Lakeland College in 1989 as an instructor in agriculture and environmental sciences. In 2005, he became the Dean of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, which allowed him to develop his passion for enhancing the learning opportunities available at Lakeland College in the areas of agriculture and environmental sciences. Over the course of his ten years of leadership, Lakeland developed many new programs, built several new buildings, and established the college as a contributor to applied research in Canada. His persistence and passion for engaging students as research leaders has helped to shape the way the college engages students and allows them to lead their learning.

Melvin was a supporter of the Student Managed Farm concept from its establishment 25 years ago. This concept revolutionized the way that the college integrated hands-on learning for students and influenced the development of Lakeland’s applied research models. Lakeland’s Centre for Sustainable Innovation was established as a result of his championship for sustainable environmental education and applied research.