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Bow Valley Green Energy Cooperative, empowering community to transform Alberta’s energy

Bow Valley Green Energy Cooperative

Bow Valley Green Energy Coop (BVGEC) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that is facilitating the creation of community-owned renewable energy generation projects in the Bow Valley and beyond.

Their mission is to empower their community to reduce its environmental impact by pooling human and financial resources to foster the development of renewable energy projects, and to lead their community on the transition to a more sustainable future. ...

Bike All Winter Program

Community Cruisers

The goal of the Bike All Winter program is to increase the number of people using bikes for transportation during the winter months by targeting residents of Canmore and Banff that are currently not using bikes for transportation during the winter months but would like to start.

The program is run entirely by volunteers and has been in operation since September of 2020. In 2020 the program supported ...

The Resilience Institute

Wicked challenges, like climate change, require multi-pronged and transdisciplinary approaches for successful adaptation and mitigation. The Resilience Institute’s work focuses on co-developing initiatives that weave local and cultural knowledge with scientific and technical expertise and foster multi-generational engagement.

The Resilience Institute partners with local and Indigenous communities, academia, governments, and other charities on initiatives that advance our charitable objectives. They co-develop activities that unite multi-generations in learning ...

Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley

WildSmart Family TalksFor 20 years, the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley has promoted sustainable communities and environmental stewardship; engaging youth, residents, area visitors and businesses with educational programs, research and outreach workshops.

Past achievements include an Aquatic Restoration program (over 8 tonnes of invasive weeds and garbage removed from the region), and the innovative Natural Steps to a Sustainable Canmore program. Youth have benefitted from the Biosphere EduKit ...

Advancing Environmental and Energy Education in Alberta

Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE)


The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE), a non-profit with charitable status, just celebrated the end of its first decade. Their mission is to work in collaboration with others to advance environmental education in Alberta. In 2005, they engaged the community across Alberta who created the “Framework to Advance Environmental Education in Alberta,” which provided a blueprint for ACEE’s work: annual provincial environmental education conferences ...