Bike All Winter Program

By: Community Cruisers

The goal of the Bike All Winter program is to increase the number of people using bikes for transportation during the winter months by targeting residents of Canmore and Banff that are currently not using bikes for transportation during the winter months but would like to start.

The program is run entirely by volunteers and has been in operation since September of 2020. In 2020 the program supported 38 participants and in 2021 it supported 85 participants. In 2022 the plan is to further grow the program to include 100 participants.

Participants receive training on winter bike riding, a Bike All Winter Mentor, and assistance and supplies to winterize their bike (e.g. studded tires, fenders, lights). Participants agree to ride their bike twice a week or more from November to March; post about winter riding at least once per week on social media; complete participant pre-and post-surveys; and participate in photo and video events.

Key community benefits of the program include: reduction in GHG emissions and local air pollution due to reducing motor vehicle use; more people on bicycles make the roads safer for everyone; bicycling is an efficient and economical way to get around, and people on bicycles feel connected to their community and support local business.

Community Cruisers would like to thank their Bike All Winter funders: the Banff Canmore Community Foundation, the Town of Canmore and the Town of Banff.

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