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Plant Biodiversity Lab

Dr. Jana Vamosi at the University of Calgary

Above: Documenting the natural occurrences of crop wild relatives of onion like Allium przewalskianum¬†(pictured here)¬†helps characterize traits associated with drought tolerance. Image Credit: Vamosi lab alumni, Yan-Bing Gong 

This research program has been operating with the mission to prevent the extinction of plants in Canada by identifying and maintaining resilient ecosystems that foster their persistence for 15 ...

Impact of long-term behavioral studies on the management and conservation of ungulates

Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl at the University of Calgary

Dr. Ruckstuhl is particularly interested in what drives gregariousness, the social organization within groups, affinities and associations between group members, cost and benefits of group living, such as competition for food and mates, parasite and disease transmission, and cooperation, to name but a few aspects. She mainly studies different ungulate species in the field, mostly bighorn sheep and elk (or red deer). Current topics under investigation include among others: ...

Living with Wildlife

Dr. Shelley Alexander at the University of Calgary

Living with Wildlife is an initiative on the University of Calgary (UCalgary) campus that includes an active human-coyote co-existence program, combined with a public education and outreach website. The aim is the non-lethal prevention of conflict.

Education outreach is derived from ecological and community-based research conducted in Dr. Alexander’s Canid Conservation Science Lab (@canid_lab), infused with 30 years of personal experience in wolf and coyote ecology, conservation ...