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Riparian Web Portal

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

Riparian Web Portal is an exciting new project created by Alberta’s watershed community. Officially launched in 2021, this online space is designed to encourage Albertans to conserve and improve riparian health today for a better tomorrow.

The Riparian Web Portal:

1) provides access to riparian data and summary tools,

2) shares examples of on-the-ground restoration and conservation projects, and

3) provides ...

A Very Visual Field Guide for Wetland Classification in Alberta

Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide provides wetland information clearly and logically, for users to navigate while assessing a wetland in the field. The introductory content of the guide exposes users to wetland functions, values, and classification concepts like the five main wetland classes in Alberta (bog, fen, swamp, marsh, shallow open water). The guide then walks users through wetland classification with:

1. 24 detailed fact ...

The Bioengineering Demonstration and Education Project

City of Calgary/Government of Alberta

The City of Calgary and The Government of Alberta have partnered to create a project that demonstrates how bioengineering can be used to improve fish habitat and stabilize erodible river banks. Their goal is to increase awareness and understanding of how soil bioengineering structures are built, what benefits they can bring to our watershed, and how they might be used to mitigate the impacts of future flood events.


The WaterSHED North Saskatchewan River Monitoring Program

A collaboration between Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), EPCOR, the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) and the City of Edmonton

Effective long-term sustainable management watersheds require a solid scientific understanding of the links between watershed processes and changes in water quality, quantity and overall ecosystem functioning.  

In this project, AEP, EPCOR, the NSWA and CoE partnered to implement a modern and enhanced river monitoring program for the NSR called WaterSHED (Water: Saskatchewan Headwaters Edmonton and Downstream).   By combining consensus-based, multi-stakeholder priorities with sound science, a comprehensive network ...

Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan – Caring for the Lake Together

Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan, Steering Committee

This project demonstrates the power of the Pigeon Lake Water Management Plan to strengthen community collaboration and deliver action across jurisdictions. In 2006 and subsequent years, Pigeon Lake experienced blue green algae blooms, fish kills and public health advisories—leaving local residents and politicians, looking for answers. It was quickly acknowledged that collaboration, across all 12 municipalities, was essential to executing effective watershed management.  The development of the Plan progressed ...