Press Release: 29th Annual Emerald Awards

While nominations close in just three days, the Emerald Awards season is just beginning! Our expert third-panel judging panel of diverse experiences and backgrounds will begin their reviews next week. On March 27, 2020, the Emerald Shortlist Public Announcement will be made and all finalists will be revealed.

Calgary Public Library

The 29th Annual Emerald Awards will take place at the Calgary Public Library over Canadian Environment Week.

For almost thirty years, the Emerald Awards have showcased Alberta’s environmental achievements across all sectors. Over 900 finalists and over 300 from businesses of all sizes, nonprofits, governments, youth, individuals and more have been recognized and celebrated through the Sharing Stories Communications Strategy, including the new Emerald Documentary Series and podcast What On EARTH Can We Do?. The AEF is committed to connecting industry leaders and providing year-round programming that engages, informs, and emboldens environmental stewardship in our province. What began as the Emerald Awards in 1992 has evolved into a 12-month conversation.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Emma Crandell
Communications & Outreach Manager
(780) 616-1556