Dirk and Nanja Struck of the Barrelman Inc (Honourable Mention)

Started as a pilot project 20 years ago, Dirk Struck and Nanja started The Barrelman Inc after seeing hundreds of food barrels were going into landfills at their work. Due to high recycling fee at that time, many businesses were sending their food-grade plastic barrels directly to landfill after use. Dirk and Nanja decided to repurpose these barrels into a rainwater harvesting tool, rain barrels, to reduce plastic waste and help organizations like Green Calgary to fundraise for climate education. Our decades-long partnership has help thousands of Calgarians to conserve water at their home, while keeping high-grade plastic out of the landfill. From our partnership with the Barrelman Inc alone, we diverted over 780,000 kg of plastic from landfills.

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