Alberta Tomorrow: Planning for a Better Future

By: Alberta Tomorrow

IMG_3204The Alberta Tomorrow Foundation ( is an eco-hero because to date it has educated more than 12 000 Albertans on land-use and has given many students exposure to critical, real life, environmentally sensitive decisions being made in Alberta. Alberta Tomorrow is a free, online, educational tool that educates Albertans on the importance of sustainable land-use planning. Alberta Tomorrow is critically reviewed and has a board of directors comprised of representatives from industry, non-profits, government, and education. Anyone can access and use Alberta Tomorrow, although is primarily used in a school setting and offers curriculum-linked school visits and lesson plans with adaptations for students throughout grades 1-12.

Using the Alberta Tomorrow simulator allows students to:

  • View educational videos and discover potential benefits and impacts of different land-use practices in Alberta.
  • Improve understanding of Alberta’ ecosystems and environmental resources.
  • Observe changes in their area of the province in the last century, and look at a potential future.
  • Develop their own plan for Alberta’s future using technology that is based on the real modelling and simulation software that professionals use.
  • Track and share water quality and land-use observations with other classes throughout Alberta.
  • Create and submit reports with project findings
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