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Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association: Day on the Creek

Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association (WBRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting resilient landscapes and communities within the Waterton Biosphere Region (WBR).

One of WBRA’s initiatives is Day on the Creek, an annual event launched in 2017, offering a unique outdoor learning experience for hundreds of students from rural areas, including those from the local Piikani Nation. This event serves as a bridge between classroom education ...

Waterton Biosphere – Carnivores and Communities Program

Waterton Biosphere Reserve

Waterton Biosphere Reserve_2Government, land owners, producers—it’s tough to bring people and groups together and agree on how to address a problem. In this case, it’s about the increasing conflicts between large carnivores and agricultural land users in southwest Alberta. But, using neighbour-to-neighbour coffee table discussions and with research and government support, the Waterton Biosphere Reserve’s Carnivores and Communities Program (CACP) is successfully tackling the complex issue of human/wildlife conflict with a ...