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Beaver Creek Wood Bison Project

Syncrude Canada Ltd & the Fort McKay First Nation

SyncrudeWhen a large corporation in Alberta’s oil sands teams with a neighbouring First Nations community to repurpose reclaimed land, it’s a good thing. But when a threatened species of wood buffalo flourish, creating a genetically pure line of animal that is culturally significant to this and future generations of the First Nations people of Ft. McKay, it’s a great thing.

In 1993, 30 wood bison from Elk ...

Mission Replant Fort McMurray


EcoYOLOFort McMurray junior high students Chintan Desai and Krish Shah aren’t your everyday 14 year-olds. After wildfires ravaged the area in 2016, the pair—who had already been part of the RM of Wood Buffalo’s Green Teen program—wanted to do something to help replenish what nature had taken away. The result was Eco YOLO: Eco, for the environment, and YOLO, because you only live once, so protect the planet, explain ...

Johnny Dulku & Kitty Cochrane – Fort McMurray Public School District’s Green Champions

Fort McMurray Public School District

Over Kitty’s 28 years of teaching, she has been dedicated to inspiring students to become caring and capable environmental citizens. She is a four-time provincial winner of the BP A+ for Energy Award, winning multiple grants to help Ecole Dickinsfield School champion environmental stewardship and conservation. She supported Fort McMurray’s Single-Use Bag Ban dressed in 500 plastic bags, encourages Waste Free Lunches, helps student Wormologists tend the school’s 20,000 red ...

Sandhill Fen Technical Advisory Committee

Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Reclamation research is integral to Syncrude fulfilling its commitment to return land disturbed by mining to a productive, biologically self-sustaining ecosystem. In 2008, Syncrude launched the Sandhill Fen Watershed Research Project to learn how to design and incorporate peat-forming wetlands into operational scale reclamation. The Sandhill Fen is the largest reclaimed wetland in the oil sands and the first ever landform constructed on a foundation of oil sands tailings. The ...