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The Confluence

Located in the Summer Village of Waiparous, Alberta, this environmentally proactive 2,200 sq.ft. family home is completely self-sustaining. Through net positive energy and water usage, building with non-toxic, salvaged, and natural materials, and designing with biophilia, this home is not only sustainable, but environmentally regenerative.

Here’s the influence:

815  Known toxic chemicals to avoid in the building materials 800+ Products researched for Red List, VOC content, ...

Net Zero Renovations

Solar Homes Inc

Solar Homes Inc. designs and implements plans for homeowners to get their homes to Net Zero.  This is achieved sometimes in a single dramatic renovation or phased over several years with a defined plan and achievable end goal. They are highly involved with the Canadian Home Builders Association in planning and implementing a National Labeling Program, which includes both new construction and retrofits.

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