Environmental Resources

Check out these great environmental resources from around Alberta to help perfect your #ecohero status.

Alberta tomorrow

Alberta Tomorrow Pic

Here in Alberta, we really do have it all. Our province has abundant natural resources, fertile soil and beautiful landscapes making this province a great place to live and work. Although natural resource production such as forestry, oil and gas, and agriculture have contributed to our prosperous economy, they have also placed a strain on the land, air and water that sustain them. Can we continue to grow our economy while at the same time protect our environment? What legacy will we leave for our children?

Alberta Tomorrow is a free, online educational tool designed for students, teachers and all Albertans interested in the future of our province. Using cutting edge GIS technology and satellite imagery, it allows us to time travel back to 1884 and see what the landscape was like, but more importantly, it shows the consequences of future choices on a set of environmental and social-economic indicators.

The future of Alberta is up to all of us.  Design your future of Alberta at: www.albertatomorrow.ca.


Not garden worms, but smaller Red Wiggler composting worms:  yes, they live in your kitchen.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t smell and they don’t like to roam.  Instead, they turn your kitchen scraps into rich compost for your houseplants.  Build your own worm bin and discover nature’s amazing waste system that recycles garbage into a wonderful resource!


A volunteer-based society supporting the City of Camrose’s vision of “a greenspace network that enhances community values and quality of life for residents. Since 2002, the CWSS increased community knowledge and engagement through interpretive events, high-profile stewardship activities, research projects, and an annual wildlife festival. The CWSS demonstrates how a grassroots, community-based organization can assist local governments in achieving their vision of creating unique, desirable, and sustainable communities. Our website contains background on the CWSS, a list of upcoming environmental education events, and information about our annual Purple Martin Festival.

edmonton and area land trust

The Edmonton & Area Land Trust (EALT) is a non-profit, regional land trust, established in 2007. They are oriented to conserving natural environments in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. EALT is pleased to share their Climate Change brochure, which shares how natural areas can help mitigate climate change.

Education for the environment – werklund school of education

Courtesy of Bonnie Shapiro, PhD, our 24th Annual Emerald Award Recipient in the Individual Commitment category, this document outlines the Education for the Environment Program offered at the University of Calgary.

the energy futures lab

The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is bringing together 40 of Alberta’s leaders, from industry, government, NGOs, academia, First Nations groups, and community organizations to discover innovative ways to transition Alberta’s energy system to one the future requires of us. The EFL is convened by The Natural Step Canada, Pembina Institute, The Banff Centre, and Suncor Energy Foundation, four organizations who believe tackling the interconnected issues of climate change, energy security, and sustainable development is key to Alberta’s future prosperity.

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Green Business Canada is a quarterly publication featuring green success stories on industry, commercial, government or individuals who have made choices that have a positive impact on the environment with the idea of challenging others to make similar choices and move environmental change forward, realizing that every decision is made as business decision.

Green energy futures

Green Energy Futures tells the stories of Canadians involved in the green energy revolution in their homes, businesses and communities. They have produced more than 100 inspiring videos, radio stories and articles on entrepreneurs, civic leaders, non-government organizations and others who are undertaking solar, wind, geothermal, green building, biomass, biogas and a host of other projects!



The Natural Step Canada (TNSC) is a non-profit focused on educating, advising, and convening labs to accelerate a transition to a sustainable society. TNSC is part of a global network of non-profit organizations, with the same brand and purpose, which have been at the forefront of sustainability for over twenty years. Our organization uses a science-based framework, the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, to work towards our vision of a world that thrives within nature’s limits.

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