5 Topics To Look Forward To In Our New Podcast

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming launch of What On EARTH Can We Do?, you may be wondering what on earth it’s about! Have you ever felt guilty about not knowing where to put your waste? Thrown out a week’s worth of well-intentioned-but-never-eaten vegetables and ate ice cream instead? Thought you, as an individual, are just one human and your eco-efforts are hopeless? Then this podcast is for you!

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Hosts Colleen and Gregory expose their vulnerabilities when it comes to their own habits over a casual chat with Alberta’s movers and shakers in the sustainability industry. Pobody’s nerfect, but that’s why we created the podcast – because together, we can answer the question, “What On EARTH Can We Do?” The first season of the six-part annual series breaks down the following hot environmental topics.

1. Food waste
Georgie Hyland (SPUD.ca) shocks us with a fact about decomposing lettuce, while sharing the importance of composting.

2. Land reclamation
Dr. Valerie Miller and Dr. M Anne Naeth (University of Alberta Land Reclamation International Graduate School) teach us that things can be brought back to life.

3. The realities of recycling
Kristin Arnot (Reuse Centre), Mortimer Capriles (Goodwill Alberta), and Leon Kassian (College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving) throw out the notion that recycling is the end-all solution.

4. Renewable energy
David Dodge (Green Energy Futures) and Andres Filella (Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group) share some electrifying renewable energy examples from across the province and country.

5. Youth and the climate change movement
Amelia Altmiks (Sustainability Leadership Council at MacEwan) gives us the buzz on how the younger generations may save the planet.

WHAT ON EARTH CAN WE DO? will be available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts as of January 10, 2020. Follow @WhatOnEarth_Pod on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM for all the news and highlights!