We Care About the Air You Breathe

By: Calgary Region Airshed Zone

Air quality monitoring has only been available to large cities with a population of over 30,000 people.  However, the cost of the stations are over $250,000 for set-up and another $72,000/year for operating costs.  In the Calgary region, only 4 stations have been able to operate.  Now with the Portable Air Monitoring Laboratory (PAML) program (2018-2022) and the Purple Air Program, CRAZ is able to offer air monitoring bringing the PAML to the Bow Valley corridor, High River/Okotoks corridor, Canmore, and Chestermere/Rocky View corridor.  Starting in 2021, CRAZ will install 28 Purple Air Sensors covering the region.  The data from these air monitoring stations is available in real-time and can help residents make decisions about their health from poor air quality.

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