Vincent Massey Jr. High School’s “Building a Community”

For the past 4 years, Vincent Massey Junior High has partnered with Morley Community School to do an outreach project bringing together the two communities.

They have had students taking part in recognition of land ceremonies,  youth leadership opportunities (teambuilding, environmental stewardship, work with elders) in the hopes of fostering a future together that can truly be meaningful, powerful and relevant to their future.

With working hand in hand on the land both in Morley Community and in Calgary both school communities are able become better advocates and pro-environment supporters.   This fostering of future community leaders has led to great things in our own schools such as community gardens, school clubs for all grades, environmental school groups starting to support ideas and innovation brought forward from students.

They had larger plans this past year before covid set in and sadly have not been able to continue our project in person since.