Sustainable Food Edmonton

By: Sustainable Food Edmonton

Founded in 1989, Sustainable Food Edmonton (SFE) connects Edmontonians to urban agriculture through its three programs: Little Green Thumbs (LGT), Urban Ag High (UAH), and the Community Gardens (CG) program. The LGT program provides students with hands-on, cross-curricular educational experiences by growing gardens in their own learning environment. As an extension of the LGT program, UAH aims to connect educators with resources and skills to deliver experiential learning opportunities for junior and senior high school students. The CG program supports and encourages the development of community gardens. These programs work with people of all ages to educate on the benefits of urban agriculture and the planet that makes it all possible. Over the last 26 years, SFE has played a role in over 91 community gardens, 51 elementary classrooms, and eight high schools.