Student Led Initiatives for Sustainable Education (SLISE)

By: Aaron Dublenko

The Student Led Initiatives for Sustainable Education (SLISE) program inspires students to engage as responsible citizens in creating a sustainable environment. Based on the United Nations concept of E.S.D. (education for sustainable development), SLISE is a student-led program that fosters a culture in which young citizens become agents of change, creating innovative, sustainable environment projects in a real-world context with visible, measurable, empowering results. The teacher-leader, Aaron Dublenko, uses his passion for a sustainable environment to ignite that same intellectual fire in his students, spurring them to think in inventive ways about on-going local and global issues. Whether it is addressing the need for sustainable energy sources like biodiesel, tapping into and implementing solar energy sources, or improving access to clean drinking water in the third-world, Aaron and his students are tireless champions for positive change and offer convincing evidence that such change is not only possible but world-altering.