Kelsey Armstrong

By: Storm Drain Survival Kits

At the young age of 14, Kelsey Armstrong envisioned, created and implemented the Storm Drain Survival Kits. With her passion and commitment to the environment, Kelsey has taken a unique solution and shared it with the watershed community in which she lives. The purpose of the Storm Drain Survival Kits: to get people to clean out the storm drains and gutters near their homes and schools. This is one huge step towards keeping pollution and contaminants out of the Oldman River, watershed, neighbourhoods, ponds, eco-system and keeping our drinking water healthy and clean. Each kit contains all the tools that you need to clean out your storm drains and gutters: reusable tote bag with logo, garbage bags, small shovel, gloves, doggie bags, information brochures, Adopt a Storm Drain application and more. With the help of several sponsors, Kelsey has built over 1000 Storm Drain Survival Kits and has given them away at environmental events such as invasive weed pulls, Lethbridge Home and Garden, farmers markets, Yellow Fish Road events, adopt a stormdrain program and more.