Steve McIsaac

Steve’s career began in 1992 as the first full-time educator at Inside Education (then FEESA). With his background as a social studies teacher, Steve ensures a balanced approach to exploring environmental issues and sustainability. The legacy, consistency, and opportunities that Inside Education provides as an organization are directly attributed to Steve’s leadership.

In addition to co-leading Alberta’s first climate change education program, 1992’s Atmospheric Change Teacher’s Institute, Steve led Inside Education’s first-ever student outdoor education field trip, delivered dozens of teacher professional development programs, co-authored numerous learning resources and even starred in an Educational Video.
Under his leadership, Inside Education has been recognized internationally, nationally and provincially – including being proud recipients of multiple Emerald Awards. As Executive Director he has proudly mentored dozens of Alberta’s environmental and natural resources leaders, current and future teachers.


Inside Education has pivoted over the past 30 years, but its mission has never drifted. Steve’s guidance and vision have encouraged staff to take risks and think big, but always within the scope of supporting teachers and inspiring students to become engaged stewards of our environment and natural resources.

With Inside Education’s annual reach averaging over 20,000 students Steve’s passion for environmental education has influenced the lives and learning of more than 600,000 young people!