Software Platform Enables GHG Reductions at Scale

By: Carbon Credit Solutions Inc.

Carbon taxes and carbon markets dominate our political and environmental discourse. If you are reading this application, you appreciate how confusing and complex this system can be. Just recently, our provincial news blew up with misinformation about this subject.

As the Alberta Emerald Foundation and Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. (CCSI), we share a mission to celebrate environmental excellence even when the subject matter is difficult to explain. The Alberta carbon market is a global success story, and our future ability to combat global warming depends on us telling this story.

CCSI has created the most successful software platform for Measuring, Reporting and Verifying GHG emission reductions on the planet. Our organization has grown revenue by 1460% in 5 years, reducing the equivalent of one million cars off the road in emissions.

Alberta is a world leader in carbon markets and the first jurisdiction In North and South America to adopt one. We should be recognizing and celebrating this environmental excellence; otherwise, we risk losing it to populist policies over confusion (carbon markets vs. carbon taxes).