Protecting Pollinators Through Community Collaboration

By: Edmonton and Area Land Trust

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) is the only nature conservancy dedicated to preserving and restoring natural areas and rural landscapes throughout the greater Edmonton region. They work for public benefit and education to conserve our natural heritage, protect biodiversity, benefit wildlife and their habitat, maintain natural areas’ economic, health, and community benefits, and enhance the quality of life for residents and families. EALT’s Protecting Pollinators through Community Collaboration project accomplished a great deal to counter the ongoing problem of pollinator decline. Its focus on bee hotels provided inspiration and practical actions to enable the public to conserve pollinators.

Several outcomes demonstrated success:

  • Increased awareness about pollinator importance, and everyone’s ability to help conserve them, by installing bee hotels, hotel-building workshops, permanent web pages and brochures, and media stories.
  • Increased nest sites for bees and other solitary pollinators, by installing bee hotels with many partners, and encouraging and enabling community groups, institutions, businesses, and the public to do the same by holding workshops to build bee hotels from volunteer-constructed kits.
  • Increased pollinator habitat, by partnering to create a demonstration urban native flower garden and distributing native seed packets to encourage the public to plant native plants, too.

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