Propane Autogas in School Buses – SOUTHLAND’s Commitment to a Clean and Sustainable Future.

By: Southland Transportation

1Reaching as far back as the 1980’s, Southland began exploring alternatives to the use diesel in their school buses.  Resourcefulness is one of their core values and they embrace initiatives and innovative ways to get things done. Their fleet of school buses boasts over 500 propane powered vehicles and have become the largest privately-owned propane fleet in Canada and the third largest in North America.  The change to propane has required a commitment from the company for new training programs in both maintenance and infrastructure to expand refueling capacity.  The company is also committed to exploring new technologies in sustainability, including electric powered buses and recently completed a successful pilot program of an electric autonomous shuttle in partnership with the cities of Edmonton and Calgary.  Southland values safety above all, and their commitment towards sustainability will always drive their push towards a cleaner future. company makes.