Propane Autogas in School Buses – SOUTHLAND’s Commitment to a Clean and Sustainable Future.

By: Southland Transportation

Southland commenced exploring propane as an alternative to diesel fuel in our School Bus fleet in the 1980’s. Their partnership with the automotive industry has evolved, and by means of financial commitments, they have gradually increased our propane School Bus fleet to a total of 535 buses by 2018. Their propane fleet ranks as follows: Largest propane fleet of School Buses in Canada and, Third largest privately owned fleet of Propane School Buses in North America. Their propane fleet expansion required the creation of new training programs for both maintenance and operators. Additionally, it required significant additions to our current infrastructure in order to expand refueling capacity.

Southland’s parent company, Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) also continues exploring new technology in the realm of sustainability. PWT’s current projects encompass, the expansion of the largest Propane fleet of School Buses in Canada, operating a fleet of compressed natural gas (CGN) in Whistler, BC, operating a fleet of Electric Buses for transit operations in St. Albert, AB, first Canadian deployment of a 100 % electric, autonomous shuttle – which has been successfully piloted in partnership with various cities, including Calgary, Edmonton and moving now to BC.