Net Zero Renovations

By: Solar Homes Inc

Solar Homes Inc. designs and implements plans for homeowners to get their homes to Net Zero, helping homeowners achieve their goals of emissions reductions, improved comfort, or reduced operating costs. This is achieved sometimes in a single dramatic renovation or phased over several years with a defined plan and achievable end goal. Currently, Solar Homes Inc’s completed projects represent hundreds of tonnes of reduced annual emissions. Leveraging his and his team’s 20-year Building Envelope experience Peter Darlington, retrofitted his own home in 2015. Since then Solar Homes has been taking homes that are draughty, expensive to operate and emissions-intensive and transforming them into high-performance thermal envelopes that are capable of generating all the energy the family needs.

Peter Darlington, the President of Solar Homes Inc, is highly involved with the Canadian Home Builders Association in planning and implementing a National Net Zero Labeling Program, which includes both new construction and retrofits. Two of Solar Homes Inc’s retrofits have achieved official labeled status from the CHBA, with one (Peter’s home) being the first CHBA labeled Net Zero Renovation in Canada.

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