Natural Leaders Project

By: City of Lethbridge – Helen Schüler Nature Centre

IMG_4971The Natural Leaders Project (NLP) is an immersive, year-long environmental leadership program designed to build ecological literacy, connect residents to place, and inspire stewardship and innovation. This program works with Grade 5-9 students and teachers, school administrations and districts, community partners, businesses, post-secondary institutions, members of the Blackfoot community, and the City of Lethbridge to create a community of knowledgeable, empowered and activated citizens.

This unique program goes beyond environmental education to offer our community the tools and collaborative partnerships needed to change corporate cultures and behaviours, mitigate the effects of climate change, and re-imagine a sustainable future. In an age where action is imperative, this program provides a responsive and dynamic outlet for sustainable action and environmental leadership.

• Students and families: connect to the land; develop local ecosystem knowledge; experience empowerment through individual and group action projects.

• Teachers and Schools: gain mentorship (train the trainer); resources; community connections and grant opportunities to develop their environmental education practice and enhance outdoor classroom spaces.

• Communities: benefit from knowledgeable civil servants; sustainable infrastructure projects; empowered youth; naturalized public spaces and a more biodiverse and resilient ecosystem.

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