Mycoremediation of the Oil Sands

By: Kelcie Miller-Anderson

Since the age of 15, Kelcie has been pursuing her own research in an effort to create a method of remediation to combat the tailing ponds created by one of Alberta’s leading industries – the Alberta Oil Sands. Developing a novel method of remediation that utilizes oyster mushrooms, her research showed a substantial reduction of petroleum hydrocarbons, naphthenic acids and pH levels and an enhanced sodium absorption ratio of both the tailings and the tailings pond water — all major challenges to successful remediation. Her work has earned recognition and awards from various organizations across Canada, most notably a Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award. She was also recently chosen as the 2012 Featured Student at the AsTech awards. In relating her findings to peers, industry and academic professionals she has also been able to share her passion in changing the negative perceptions surrounding the Alberta Oil sands.