Leading By Example

By: Devon Tim Horton's

Devon Tim Hortons owner Brian Hicks and his staff have moved his business forward, taking on innovative, significant local initiatives to reduce his restaurant’s environmental footprint through the diversion of as much material as possible from the landfill. He has championed these actions locally, and has gone above and beyond to communicate the positive outcomes within Tim Hortons corporation to influence other restaurants to adopt similar initiatives and programs. In 2016, through a competitive process, Devon Tim Hortons received the first Town of Devon Environmental Sustainability Award (DESA) for their positive environmental actions, including making of guitar picks out of used gift cards and using the proceeds as a fundraising opportunity for the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation. The innovation commitment and outreach to others, demonstrated by the staff of Devon Tim Hortons and owner Brian Hicks is seen daily through their dedication and positive influence on others within the community.