Integrated Sustainability

Integrated Sustainability has evolved from a niche engineering consulting firm specializing in servicing western Canada’s oil and gas industry, to a company with over 100 subject matter experts focused on sustainable infrastructure development. Diversifying into an international organization, we serve a breadth of industries. Their priority is to integrate sustainability principles that drive positive, material environmental benefits, including lower emissions, reduced freshwater use, and reduced waste generation. We see waste as an opportunity to generate a new value stream that can make a significant economic, environmental, and social difference within the communities that we work. They have a history of innovation that has brought about change to industry norms.

Accomplishments include:

  • Celebrating ten years of promoting the sustainable management of our most precious natural resources. 
  • Participate in, facilitate, and collaborate in many industry-leading workshops that advance climate resiliency practices.  
  • Install renewable energy for local Alberta schools and communities:
    • Cochrane High School Sustainable Development Committee: Engineering and installation of solar panels and wind turbine and sustainability mentorship.
    • Lacombe High School Geo-Dome Greenhouse: Engineering and installation of the four-season greenhouse with geothermal heating used to supply food for the school’s lunch program. 
    • Various agriculture solar design and installations.
  • Continuously promote a circular economy, most recently, working with a significant energy producer to treat its produced water for agricultural beneficial reuse.
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