Idling Reduction Initiative

By: The City of Calgary

In November 2019, idling reduction targets for The City’s fleet were set by Calgary City Council, and Fleet Services was tasked with leading and coordinating the Idling Reduction Initiative. The City took several fundamental steps to reduce unnecessary idling including the following highlights:

– retrofitting fleet vehicles with technology to eliminate idling;

– supporting green driver training and safety initiatives;

– developing creative messaging and imagery to launch an internal communications campaign;

– leveraging vehicle telematics to capture real-time engine idling data in our Green Driver Dashboard; and

– recruiting business unit Idling Reduction Ambassadors and champions.

The Idling Reduction Initiative resulted in reduced greenhouse gases and local air pollution, decreased fuel and maintenance costs, and improved driver health and safety.

Learn more about the Idling Reduction Initiative and what The City of Calgary is doing to reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions.