Green Way My Way – Sustainable Commuting at Momentum

By: Momentum

Lorraine 3Momentum is striving to become a leader in the field of supporting employees to sustainably commute to work. As a not-for-profit, community organization, Momentum has made significant effort to promote more sustainable commuting for employees through a sustainable commuter bonus and creative staff awards to celebrate sustainable commuting – the good, bad and just plain boring of commuting to work by walking, riding a bike or taking transit. The Green Way My Way sustainable commuting awards this past year at Momentum were a fun and engaging way to have staff share their interesting, mundane and difficult sustainable commuting stories by photo, video or write-up to be eligible for a draw prize. It also provided an opportunity to promote the sustainable commuting bonus to all staff at monthly staff meetings. All staff that participated were eligible to receive a monthly draw prize or the grand prize at the end of the four-month celebration.

The various sustainable commuting efforts have enabled Momentum to live out its organizational value of sustainability and our commitment to restructure that ways we live and work within environmental, social and economic systems.


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