Goodwill Edmonton Impact Centre Sustainability Program

By: Goodwill Edmonton Impact Centre

goodwill_impact_centre-234The concept behind the Goodwill Impact Centre (GIC) is all about sustainability. It is about providing a positive impact on the environment while providing employment for Albertans with disabilities. The GIC is home to Goodwill’s first outlet store in Alberta where donated goods have a second chance to be sold to consumers at discounted prices. Once a donated item passes through one of Goodwill’s retail locations and does not sell to a potential customer, the item goes to the GIC. Here the donated goods are sold in bulk and by the pound giving customers one last chance to make a purchase. This reduces the number of items scheduled to go for recycling or to the landfill and becomes a thrift shoppers dream! The outlet store sold a total of 258,786 kg in 2017 and 371,617 Kg in 2018. Goodwill’s diversion from the landfill rate is currently 81%, a 3% improvement over 2017. The GIC aims to become a zero waste facility by 2021. Video:


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