Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems (FES) is a research program at the University of Alberta funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. Their mission is to enable a brighter future for energy, in Canada, and around the world, supporting the energy transition towards a sustainable, economically viable, and just system where energy and environment exist in harmony and the needs of people and communities are met without strife.

FES is focused on positively impacting the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change by supporting research on the energy transition considering technology, the intersection of energy and the environment, as well as social and economic challenges. Beyond research, they are positively impacting the environment by helping create an informed public who’s invested and committed to tackling the realities of climate change and the energy systems we rely on. They believe that their contribution is significant as they are providing top-level expertise and learning opportunities at no cost and reducing barriers that might impede participation. FES is reaching broad audiences, with nearly 9000 people reached through live events (in-person/online), 58,000 views on our YouTube channel and hundreds of thousands of impressions and people reached on social media to date.

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